Chic Indulgence -     Permanent Cosmetics
Photo Gallery  
The photos below are real clients.  The photos taken "immediately after" may appear darker and bolder for the first few days due to the excess ink in the top layers of skin which will flake off during the healing process and soften to naturalize the appearance.
Eyeliner  -  $260
Eyelash Enhancement  -  $260
Eyebrows  - $285
Lip Liner - $210
Full Lips incl Liner  -  $310
Beauty Mark  -  $55
                                                          Other Special Requests -  
                                                          just ask.
                                                       Skin Needling  -  $310 per session 
                        $720 for the recommended 3-series treatment.
                                              Scar Relaxation - Rates per Case
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