Chic Indulgence -     Permanent Cosmetics
Q.  Does it hurt? 
A.  Topical anesthetics have been especially designed for permanent makeup procedures.  Properly done, they are applied prior to and throughout the procedure.  On a scale of 1-10 your pain will be very minimal at most....0-3 on the pain scale. 
Q.  How long is recovery and will I miss work?
A.  No.   You may have a small amount of swelling after your procedure but is usually minimal and does not require time off from work.  Applying ice packs a few times over the first few hours will help the swelling.
Q.  Can I get an MRI?
A.  Yes absolutely.  You may experience some slight tingling but all you need to do is have the technician place a cool, wet, cotton cloth over your eyes and it will go away.  Newer MRI equipment rarely causes any problems.
Q.  What if I want to change my eyeliner color or lip color?
A.  You can add makeup over your permanent makeup anytime you wish once it is all healed.  Want the exotic eyeliner look or a different shade of lip color for a special occasion?  Add your favorite color eyeliner and lip color and when you get home and wash it off you will be ready for work the next day before you even go to bed.  Lipsticks and eyeliners can be applied right over your permanent makeup.
 1.  Convenience.  We are all short on time.
 2.  Allergies or skin sensitivities.
 3.  Contact lens or glasses wearers or those who have had Lasik Surgery.
 4.  Difficulty applying makeup and getting both sides the same.  Then
        before  you know it, it smears or disappears.
 5.  Painful joints or shaky hands.
 6.  Age has changed your once beautiful brows, lips, or eyes.
      Or maybe they weren't so beautiful to start with.
 7.  Active, busy lifestyles.
 8.  Prefer the natural "no makeup" look.
 9.  Loss of hair from chemotherapy, accidents, alopecia, burns, or cosmetic
10.  Color change or correction.
11.  Or just because "You're Worth It"!
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